Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am back!!

Hello my dear blogging friends!
I have missed you greatly.
I have had some computer problems that continue to keep me from getting to my blog, but today I was blessed with the chance to be able to use my son's laptop since he did not take it with him to school today.
I must say that the time away from my blog was well spent.
I have been focused on prayer and keeping up with my pro-life work.
I believe it is Divine Intervention that helped  my son's laptop be home today so that I may post on this day of the New Presidency.
My heart is heavy.
As my 11 year old spoke to me this morning about watching the change of power in school today, I tried hard to not give him the look that my insides were feeling.  We discussed the Historic event that was taking place today; however, we also discussed the what could be faced for the pro-life movement due to this historic event.
I am amazed at how Joseph took things in so well.
He told me,"We have to help save the babies and we must help those who don't have what they need to live a safe and healthy life, right mom?"
"Yes, Joseph we must support life at each stage.  We must start with the RIGHT TO LIFE and go from there to help support the gift of life.  WE MUST continue to go to the homeless shelters, the soup kitchens, and help with the food pantries.  We must continue to support help for the third world countries where the people are not able to be safe and healthy.  We must stand up for all those people whose voices are not being heard.  We must do our part since God is counting on us.  We must share with others that without the right to life no other right matters."
He looked at me with his big eyes and said,'Today when we are watching Obama become president, I will pray in my head that he will have a change plan when it comes to the babies and I won't play my Wii today like your fasting for the babies who will not be born today."

Wow!!  He really took me by surprise!  Yes, we must respect President Obama for his position as our president.  However, I will NEVER respect his policies on Life and will fight and fight to help stop them as long as there is breath left in me.  
My children, my future grandchildren, and my godchildren deserve more in this world.  They deserve a world where abortion is not an option.  They deserve a world where hunger is not an option.  They deserve a world where safety is not an option.  They deserve a world where we take care of each other.
This will never happen as long as the unborn babies are aborted.

Abraham Lincoln said (and by now most of you have seen this quote, but I love it so much I have to repeat it)," Nothing stamped with the divine image and likeness was sent into the world to be troden on ..."

It feels good to be back and in the saddle again!
Love to each and don't forget,
Pray your rosary today for our President and for his change of heart.  If my 11 year old can get it, I am sure enough of our prayers will help him get it.



Aussie Therese said...

it is so great to see you back Kimberly. Your son is wonderful to fast from his wii. I know how attached my children are to their games.What a great job you have done raising him to be so pro life. I too will fast today for an end to abortion.


Kathleen Miller said...


I am glad that you are back! Let's catch up soon okay?

God Bless,


Marie said...

welcome back you have been missed!

I would actually define Obama as NON Life after he did not lie about his PRO-DEATH stance. I still cannot figure out HOW Christians could vote for a man who is SO supportive of abortions even unto killing those babies that survive an abortion.

God save America and may Obama feel God's Hand on his shoulder and CHOOSE LIFE & NOT death!

Peace, JOY & Much love to you hon:)

Marie xooxoxoxox

Kimberly said...

Marie, Therese, and Kathy,
Thank you for the warm welcome back. I have missed each of you. I know that our prayers together will make such a difference in the life struggle here in the U.S. Thank you for your support and love! You gals are so awesome and a blessing from God!
Blessed be God Forever!


Laura said...

Welcome back!!

SearchingWellness said...

Hi Kimberly,

I, too, share your concern over the new presidents policies. Even if I am Filipino living in Manila, I understand enough how America affects our politics and our life. I pray he learns to respect life and, then, defend it.

Marie said...

There is a surprise for you at my blog hon and once again WELCOME BACK!

Peace, JOY & Love to you:)

Marie oxoxoxoox

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