Friday, October 31, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request

Urgent Prayer Request!!!
A friend of mine (who is a devout Catholic) confided in me that her 17 year old daughter has strayed from her faith and has become sexually active with her boyfriend.
She has become pregnant and my friend thinks she is planning on sneaking out of state to have an abortion.
Believe it or not, in NY you have to be 18 to have an abortion without parental consent.
If the election outcome is not a pro-life outcome, this young child would be able to have an abortion without her parents consenting.
However, we are doing interventions with this young child and also calling in the reinforcements with a few women who have had abortions themselves and a few priests from other areas who are heavily involved in the Right to Life Culture.
Could you pleas say a pray for this family?
My friend is a recovering alcoholic and fell off the wagon yesterday. She is very fragile and I am supporting her in anyway that I can.
I have told her that she needs to turn this all over to God, which she normally does.
However, the thought of her daughter having an abortion is so heavy on her right now.
I know I can count on my prayer warriors!
I also pray for my husband and I. We have decided to become even further invovled with our pro-life views and the pro-life movement.
We asked God to send us a sign that this is what we were suppose to be doing and the very next day--my friend calls with this.
Amazing how the Lord works!
Pray we can do His work and follow His Will!
Blessed be God Forever!

Catholic Carnival mm196

Catholic Carnival 196 has been up for a few days and I am little behind in getting info. out.
Please take the time to read this wonderful exposure to other Catholic blogs and the wisdom each of them has to share with the blogging world.
Please, will you say a "Hail Mary" for these bloggers.
Thank you and blessed be God forever!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I must apologize for not posting much during these times when encouraging others to Vote for Life is so important. I am determined that Satan has control of my computer or that my computer is Pro-Choice. Thankfully, I am able to use my husband's laptop today to post.
This is a time when all should be saying their novenas for Life and praying their rosaries for life.
I am blessed to have a good friend, Dan Kane who works for The Westchester Institute for Ethics & the Human Person.
Basically, the Institute is a Catholic Think Tank.
Dan emailed me yesterday with exciting news: Westchester Institute has released a paper that I think all of you will be interested in and I think is a must read. The paper is Westchester Institute White Paper on Conception.

The Westchester Institute for Ethics and the Human Person ed officially publish their inaugural White Paper – When Does Human Life Begin?– A Scientific Perspective authored by Senior Fellow Maureen Condic, Ph.D. This paper describes scientifically and logically that life begins and can only begin at the moment of conception with conception described as the moment the sperm cell enters the cell wall of the egg.

Not at heart beat, brain waves, implantation in the uterus, or any other arbitrary point in the continuum of human life.

The faithful Christian in general and Catholics in particular see no conflict between science and Faith because all truth stems from the One who referred to Himself as the “…the way, the truth and the life.” (Jn 14:6). The truth of the matter at hand, demonstrated in this paper, is that a human person, self-directing his life and development is present the moment the sperm penetrates the egg. For centuries, people of faith and people of good will have taken this fact on faith or on the “word of any medical text”. Here today, in one place are the details, laid out by a professional biologist ratifying scientifically a point we have always known by faith.

This of course, does not end the abortion discussion. It does, however, better define what we are discussing - that scientifically, this is and can only be a human life from the first instance of sperm and egg union.

The Westchester Institute is indeed proud to present this paper at no charge on our website at

Daniel F. Kane
Institute Fellow & Special Assistant for Operations
The Westchester Institute for Ethics
& the Human Person
Cell: 770.335.0263
I encourage you to read the paper and then let Dan know (his email is stated above) how you came across the paper (I would like to continue to show him that he can receive feedback from my blog ) and to give him and his colleagues support in their work for the Human Person through their Ethics work.

Here is another link to the Institute on an article written by Fr. Thomas titled Expect Obama to Sign FOCA int he first 100 days.

We must be constant with our prayers!
May God give you the strength and the grace to help fight this Culture of Death!
Blessed be God forever!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!

Happy Annivesary to my parents, Grace and Jerry!

They are two amazing people who have been a wonderful example to my brother, my husband, my children, and myself on the importance of working at a marriage.

May God bless them with many more years of love, joy, friendship, and peace.

Thank you mom and dad for being the great and wonderful people that you are!

Blessed be God forever!

I love you!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

G.K. Chesterton

I just love G.K. Chesterton. I find him to be wise and he was well ahead of his.

Here are a few quotes I would like to share of his:

To have the right to do a thing is not at all the same as to be right in doing it. (This can be applied to abortion)

Let all the babies be born. Then let us drown those who do not like it. ( again, applied to abortion; however, I know it is not nice to drown people)
Blessed be God Forever!

Catholic Carnival 195 is up!!

Catholic Carnival 195 is up and ready for you to read. Take a few moments to read the great posts all these Catholic blogs have to offer. It is a great way to meet new Catholics and find new Catholic blogs to explore.

God Bless and thank you!


Blessed Be God Forever!

Don't forget your Rosary for Life today!!

Pharmacy that follows the Catholic Faith's Teachings

Please follow this link to a CNN story on a Pharmacy that follows Church teaching. Then after reading this story, pray that Catholics (as well as others) will be drawn to patronize this pharmacy. Please pray that this pharmacy will be an example to the rest of the world. How important a pharmacy like this is for me since my son will be attending pharmacy school next Fall. Just think, to work in a place that you did not have to worry about refusing to fill a script and worry about keeping your job. I pray more will follow this example and the world will respect those of us who follow what our faith and Our Lord teaches.

God is Good!

Blessed be God forever!


Pray your rosary for Life today, please!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Campbell Brown and how the politicians should spent there money! Worth the read!!

By Campbell Brown CNN

Editor's note: Campbell Brown anchors CNN's "Campbell Brown: Election Center" at 8 p.m. ET Mondays through Fridays. She delivered this commentary during the "Cutting through the Bull" segment of Thursday night's broadcast.

CNN's Campbell Brown says the candidates should spend their campaign money helping the homeless. (would it not speak volumes about the character of a person that stopped unfunding their political adds and started feeding the poor and homeless???? Think about it.)

NEW YORK (CNN) -- In the middle of an economic crisis, with a lot of Americans worried to death about how they are going to pay their bills, our two presidential candidates are about to spend an astonishing amount of money kicking the "you know what" out of each other on national television.
This year they are breaking all records in terms of the amount of money spent and the number of negative ads. (yes, spending money where it is needed most-- with the poor--is the best way to run a campgain, I think).
A study by the Wisconsin Advertising Project at the University of Wisconsin at Madison says the campaigns will spend a combined $30 million dollars a week on ads between now and Election Day, the vast majority, negative.

According to Wednesday's Wall Street Journal, negative ads are having almost no impact this election cycle. The journal's headline: Ready, Aim, Backfire: Nasty Political Ads Fall Flat.

Why? According to one quote, "Arguing about personal associations pales in comparison to the current grim economic news."

Still between now and Election Day, Obama and McCain are going to spend a combined $30 million dollars a week.

So I'm going to throw a crazy idea on the table that I don't think is that crazy. There is a food bank in Provo, Utah, that feeds the homeless. Joalaina Redbird takes her three small children there. They have all three meals there everyday. They became homeless two months ago when her husband lost his construction job. This food bank is running low on supplies; they have issued an emergency call for help. Because of our economic crisis, donations are way down and the number of people they are feeding is way up.

This story is being repeated all over the country. The Northlands Rescue Mission, a homeless shelter in Grand Forks, North Dakota, is bursting at the seams every night with record numbers of homeless showing up needing a place to sleep, again, a result of our economic troubles. And guess what -- these charities are out of money. No one is giving in these tough times.

So, Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain, how about instead of spending that $30 million a week kicking the "you know what" out of each other between now and Election Day, you pool your money and you give it to that food bank in Provo, Utah, so Joalaina Redbird's kids can get three square meals a day until her husband finds another job.

Give the money to that homeless shelter in Grand Forks or any of the hundreds of charities around this country that are trying to help desperate people get through these difficult times.

If you really care about hurting Americans, put your money where your mouth is and spare us three more weeks of negative ads.

I don't think I need to add anymore than what has already said besides, "Vote for Life and Help those who need help. Follow in the footsteps of Christ and love your neighbor."

Blessed Be God forever!!


Rosary for Life--don't forget to pray it!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


A Vote for Obama is a Vote for Dead Children!!

I just saw this sign on another blog and it pretty much sums it all up; I doubt there is anything I can say that makes it more clear unless you want to add that a vote for Obama is a vote for minors being allowed to have abortions without parental consent when they still need a parent to go to doctors appointments with them or a note from a parent saying why they were absent from school or to go on a field trip. Give me a huge break! When did Obama become an expert on what is good for American children?

Wake up America!

Abortion is Murder and Murder is against the law.

Why do we let this happen in our country?

Blessed be God Forever!

Rosary for Life

Please follow the link to The Daily Grotto to read Kathy's post and amazing picture of McClain.

Kathy is encouraging others to join her in praying the rosary each day until election day for McCain/Palin and the pro-life movement.

Please join us as we pray for LIFE!!

Thank you Kathy for getting this started.

The more we pray the more the world will know that Life is precious and murder is wrong!

Blessed be God forever!



My brother should be landing back in Camp LeJune, North Carolina as I write!!

A prayer of thanksgiving to Our Lord, who gives us all good things!

Today, my brother returns from his second tour in Iraq.

I rejoice that he is coming home safely.

I pray that he will have a smooth adjustment back to our world.

Only God knows what he has seen and what he has experience while in Iraq, he worked hand-in-hand with the Iraqui police.

Please keep him in your prayers as he works through all that he has gone through during his time in Iraq. Please keep his soldiers in your prayers as well.

My parents are there (and as I write he should have arrived by now) to welcome him home.

Pray my parents will have a wonderful homecoming with him, they will have a safe return to Indiana, and it will be a great time of bonding for them with Kevin.

Thank you for your prayers!

I would post his picture, but my internet explorer keeps

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

MIchelle's Own Words

"They know his heart, they know his spirit, and the thing that I just encourage people is to judge Barack and judge all of these candidates based on what they do, their actions, their character, what they do in their lives rather than what somebody [else] did when they were 8."

-----Michelle Obama speaking with Larry King during an interview

Michelle's words are very touching (honestly) and when I heard them on the interview and then reread them, I know she believes them with all her heart. However, I just wonder what type of heart a person and what type of spirit a person must have to want to so willingly sign the Freedom of Choice Act that would enable babies to continue to be murdered with less restriction, minors 13 or older can have abortion without parental consent, and babies born alive after a botched abortion do not have the protection of medical attention.

It saddens me to think that a person could think so little of life , especially a person that is running for president.

I pray for Obama that he will have a change of heart. Life is precious, life is good, and Life is a gift from God.

Blessed be God Forever!


Remember your Rosary!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Economy is temporary, Life is Eternal.

God is in charge.

What this economic meltdown should teach us is that our hope is not in the things of this earth, but in God.

--Dr. Alveda King

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayers and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests know to God.

Phil. 4:6

Please pray your rosary today for there are so many things that need our prayers!!

Blessed be God forever!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Pro-Lifesite with the facts you cannot ignore!

Just wanted to share with you this new site I found, Second Look Project. Just follow the link to this site. It has all the facts you need to know about abortion. It shows statics. It is a must read for those who doubt the pro-life stance and a must read for pro-lifers to share some statics and facts.
Blessed Be God Forever!

Sarah needs our prayers!!!!!!

Sarah needs our prayers for the BIG debate tonight. Please say an extra rosary for her today so that Our Blessed Mother will intercede for her and help her through this debate.
Please see The Daily Grotto (just click the purple area to go to the site) and the nice entry Kathy has wrote on praying for Sarah.
I know all my fellow prayer warriors will join me in praying for her!
Thanks Kathy for your post and your reminder that Sarah needs our prayers!
Blessed be God Forever!!

Happy Birthday to my dad!!

Happy Birthday to one of my heroes!!!
Today is my dad's birthday and I want to wish him a very happy and blessed day!
Unfortunately, I live over 600 miles from my parents and will not be able to be with my dad on his special day.
However, he is in my heart and kept close to me each day this way.
There are several reasons why my dad is one of my heroes.
He has accomplished a lot in his life time so far.
He served his country, he overcame obstacles in his life that I know were hard for him, but the main reason he is my hero is that he (along with my mom) taught me to love others and to serve others as Christ did.
Through his example (and my mom's), they taught me the importance of helping people, standing up for what you think is right, and to work hard to always do the right thing.
I have always been a bit of a "spit fire" when it comes to what I believe and standing up for it. I can remember when I was back in elementary school and they were discussing the closing of my small little Washington School. I was so upset that I was ready to protest on the steps of the school.
Instead of telling me I was foolish, my parents were supportive (do you remember this mom and dad)?
I think this is why I don't hesitate now to protest at an abortion clinic, to work at a soup kitchen, or to flood my elected officials with my letters (let me tell you, Hillary Clinton probably was not happy when I moved to NY).
Growing up with a father like mine taught me that you can make mistakes, just learn from them (yes, you must turn off the electricity in the whole house before touching any electrical wires or you might black out the whole neighborhood), that family is important (we spent so much time with my grandparents and every Sunday morning after church at my Grandma Werline's eating doughnuts and my dad has always stood by me, no matter how much I did not deserve it, and he always stands by his siblings, wife, son, friends, etc.) , he has taught me to make a difference no matter how small it may be, to always believe in people especially when others don't, and to be yourself---others will like you that way.
Most of all, my dad (along with my mom) have given me a strong faith background. I cannot tell you what it means to me to have my parents and my family the same faith.
What a blessing!
I could go on and on, but he knows what he has taught me and knows the he has shaped me into being the person I am today (yes, he even has a hand in my radical views on life, even if he doesn't realize it).
Happy birthday Dad!
I love you more than you will know and you are one of my heroes!
Blessed be God Forever and God Bless my Dad forever!
I will say my rosary today for you, Dad!

New SIte I found-- Must to check out!!!!!!

Art work taken from the Prayers for Our Country, the United States of America.
Freedom isn't Free is the title at the top of this sites page. Further down you will see, Prayers for Our Country, the United States of America.
Just click on on the of underlined, purple words and it will take you to the site.
Please take the time to check this site out.
Remember, it is our responsibility to pray for our government, our president, and our country.
Again, I will use the writings of Seth from Catholic Land Writer in which he discusses Bishop Scranton's pastoral letter on the obligation of Catholics to defend the Right to Life.

Bishop Scranton emphasizes that, "Being 'right' on taxes, education, health care, immigration, and the economy fails to make up for the error of disregarding the value of a human life.
Don't forget to also check out the 40 Days for Life Site as well. You might even be motivated to sign up for a peaceful vigil outside an abortion mill in your area. In fact, I challenge all of you who read this blog to give an hour for life!! I know my family and I are doing this and it would be great hear about those of you who are doing so as well.
Please also take the time to check out the Catholic Vote site. For Catholics who are dedicated to the teachings of our Faith or should I write, the teachings of Christ, then this site is for you. If you are not a Catholic in line with the teachings of Christ through is Church, this site is especially for you.
As Tom Booth wrote in one of his songs, "I will chose life, I will chose love, I chose to serve Him."
Choosing Life shows love; showing love is serving Him.
Blessed Be God Forever!
Don't forget to talk to your mother today,
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