Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Love means loving the unlovable - or it is no virtue at all."
- G.K. Chesterton (Heretics, 1905)


SQUELLY said...

Oh gosh! This is a hard one - but so true!

Anonymous said...

If you want change in the USA, you need to vote for a candidate who will support your beliefs and The Cosntitution.
Seven Principles of the Constitution Party are:

1. Life: For all human beings, from conception to natural death;
2. Liberty: Freedom of conscience and actions for the self-governed individual;
3. Family: One husband and one wife with their children as divinely instituted;
4. Property: Each individual's right to own and steward personal property without government burden;
5. Constitution: and Bill of Rights interpreted according to the actual intent of the Founding Fathers;
6. States' Rights: Everything not specifically delegated by the Constitution to the federal government, nor prohibited by the Constitution to the states, is reserved to the states or to the people;
7. American Sovereignty: American government committed to the protection of the borders, trade, and common defense of Americans, and not entangled in foreign alliances.

Chuck Baldwin is the answer.
Dont bother with the Dems or the Reps, they have been failing us for years.
Pass this along to everyone you know!! Headlines Headline Animator