Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An award from Marie!!!

I received this from my dear blogging friend, Marie.

Thank you so much Marie for this award.

I love your blog as well.

When I started in this blogging world, I never dreamed I would meet the people I have nor would I have dreamed the bonds I would form with people all over the world.

What a blessing blogging has been for me!

Now, Marie says that I must send this on to 7 people and so here are my picks:

1. Marie (I know you already got this award, but you deserve it again and I do love your blog!!)

2. Kathy at Daily Grotto. She was the inspiration for me to start blogging and a wonderful example of a good Catholic woman, mother, and wife.

3. Terri at Prayers of the Faithful. My good buddy from many, many years ago. She has taught me that life deals you many twists and turns, but what matters most is your relationship with God and your family.

4. Tom in Vegas-- His blog is so awesome and I love to visit there with a good cup of coffee and my mind read to learn and think from him.

5. Therese at Aussie Coffee Shop--although she is in another country, I feel as if she lived right next door to me. What a wonderful and beautiful person she is.

6. Grandma K at Bit of Blarney-- my Hoosier buddy and friend. She is a joy to know!!!

7. Shelly at Keeper of the Keys-- I love this blog and it is so interesting!! Thanks for the work you do on your blog Shelly.

Okay, I know it said 7 but I also love this blog as well:

8. Joseph the worker at A Catholic Journey--- this is a great blog and a wonderful journey any day when you need some spiritual growth going through your brain.

Okay, there are many, many more blogs that I love, but these are the all time favorite.

Now, I have a question I hope someone can answer for me. I have noticed in the past when people post awards that when they put the persons name you are able to click their name and it takes you to their blog. How do you do that? I would love to obtain that knowledge. Thank you and blessed be God forever!



Kathleen Miller said...


I am truly honored. Thank you so much! I am a bit behind in posting awards, but i was going to nominate you too for this award. You just beat me to the punch!

When I post I'll let you know.

Wonderful job on your blog! I am so proud of you.

Shelly said...

thank you, thank you *and* thank you [bowing!]

you are a dear :o)

to create links, when you're writing your post you'll see a green blob [supposed to be a chain 'link', I believe] above where you write your post. so say you wrote "keeper of the keys" and wanted to create a link. You highlight what you want to link - in this case "keeper of the keys" - then click on the 'green blob' then type in the website/blog [i usually copy and paste]. so if there was a news story you wanted to refer to, just copy and then paste it once you click the 'link' button.

let me know if this works for you and if you need more help ;)

Kimberly said...

Thank you Kathy and Thank you Shelly. Shelly, I think with your help I may have it down now. I will let you know. Thanks so much!
Now, next question--- how do I get a video on a post from you tube? Sorry I am not very smart when it comes to blogging. God bless!!

GrandmaK said...

My humble thanks! You are so kind to think of me...God bless! You have such a warm and tender blog that I do so enjoy my visits here! Cathy

Therese said...

Thank you so much Kimberly.

To put a you tube video on your blog, go to the video you want to upload. You will see a box that says embed on the right hand side with a html code in it. Copy and paste the code onto your blog.



Kimberly said...

Thank you Therese! I will give it a try and let you know how it works for me. God bless and thanks Grandma K for the message as well.


Tom in Vegas said...

Thank you, Kimberly! I've been busy the past few days with school and a bunch of other stuff, so I've been slow in responding to comments. I will post this shortly:0)

Again, THANK YOU! Headlines Headline Animator