Wednesday, September 3, 2008



I am so blessed to have received this award from my blogging, Tom @ He has an awesome blog and I encourage each of you reading this blog to check his out. I learn so much from him and thank him for thinking of me.
I received this award from my blogging sister, Marie @ Again, another blog that is awesome. I feel so honored that Marie would give me such an award since my blog is so beginner and way out of her and Tom's league when it comes to blogging. Marie's blog is definitely worth any time you can spend there; in fact, I get on her blog and love to read what she writes so much that I find it hard to leave.

Thank you to both Tom and Marie for thinking of me. I think it is now my turn to send the award on to the following:







I know most of them have already received these two awards, but not from me and so I wanted to show my appreciation for their blogging friendships!

Blessed be God Forever!!

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Kathleen Miller said...

Thanks Kim you are so very thoughtful!!!! Headlines Headline Animator