Friday, April 24, 2009

Prayers are needed to save a baby!!!!!

I am asking for prayers for a young, pregnant, unwed mother who has an 8 month old baby and is considering aborting her baby.
She currently lives with the father of her 8 month old baby and things are not going well in the relationship so she is considering abortion.

She made this known to my husband yesterday (she is a co-worker; talk about a hectic day at work).
He gave her our phone number and asked her to call us so we could help her.

As of yet, we have not heard from her. We do not have her phone number, but we can email her at her work email to check on her and ask her to call us.
We are willing to do what we can to help this young woman.
Please pray that God guides us in what we are to do for her and that we follow through with His Will.
Please say a rosary that she will not abort her baby and that she will call us to know someone cares.

Thank you for your support, your prayers, and your concern for this mother, her unborn child, and her 8 month old.

I will keep you informed as I know more.
For now, we need to pray.

Blessed be God Forever!

Rosary for Life!


GrannyGrump said...


GrandmaK said...

Always prayers! Cathy

Aussie Therese said...

praying an Ave right now for this baby.

Kathleen Miller said...


We have a couple that would be willing to adopt!

Kimberly said...

I will pass that info. along Kathy. Thank you so much. I would like to post the information about Haley as soon as I get a chance. I am so proud of her. Love and prayers.

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