Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back Home Again in Indiana

Just returned from my "Back Home Again In Indiana" trip.

What a wonderful time we had with all our family.

We miss being with our family and it was a joy to see our kids having such a great time with their cousins.

My sister-in-law, Anne and her husband, Ed hosted a wonderful family reunion at their mini-farm. Annie has a way of making everyone feel so warm and welcomed in her home.

My husband, kids, and I stayed with my sister-in-law, Margaret and her husband, Jim. They, too, have a wonderful way of making you feel as if you belong right there with them.

Some may call it Hoosier Hospitality; however, with Jim and Margaret I call it goodness.

Both Jim and Margaret, are saints in the making. They both work so hard to be good people and to raise their children with a strong faith, but with goodness that will enable them to embrace the virtue of kindness.

Their children A.J. (my godson) and M.E. have wonderful examples set for them by their parents. I am continously amazed at how well Margaret and Jim work at making each day a day that really matters and counts when it comes to their daily lives of living so that they make a difference in the world.

They are a beautiful family to watch, to learn from, and to be with.

"Back Home in Indiana"


Terrilynn said...

Glad you're home safely and had a great time. Those times spent with family are a blessing...sometimes in disguise!
Miss you,

Marie said...

So glad you had a great time Kimberly:) and glad to see you back:).

Peace, joy and love to you:)

Marie xooxoxo

Therese said...

sounds like a great holiday and reunion.

GrandmaK said...

So glad you had such a wonderful sojourn home. It was always hard for me to leave "home" in Colorado. But home again in IN was a pleasant end to a wonderful journey. I hope yours was the same. Cathy

Tom in Vegas said...

Welcome back!

Marie said...

There is a surprise for you at View from the Pews:).

Peace, JOY & Love to you:)

Marie xoxoox

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