Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Congratulations to Mary Beth Dunnichay and Haley Ishimatsu in their 5th place finish in the Women's 10 meter Synchronized Diving at the Olympics!!!

These two young women (and when I say young I mean very young; Mary Beth is the youngest member of the entire USA Olympic Team at 15 years old and Haley is only 5 months older than Mary Beth).

Both girls are from my home state of Indiana and Mary Beth is from my home town of Elwood. She is the daughter of Ned and Marian Dunnichay. Her Aunt Angie was features on my website as my first Awesome Person Award after donating a kidney to our former high school English teacher.

We have been fortunate to know this family and all their extended family for many years.

For my Catholic friends, a side note is that the Dunnichay family and the Melvin family (her mother's family) are Catholics and attend St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Elwood.

In fact, Mary Beth's great uncle is a priest.

With that said, please say a "Hail Mary" for Mary Beth and her family while they are in China.

Also, please say a rosary for China that their position on Human Rights may become better.

Congratulations Mary Beth!!

May you continue to share your gift that God has given you with the world and may you continue to be successful!

Blessed be God Forever!


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GrandmaK said...

It dose cause one to feel a great deal of pride (not false pride, either) to be able to say, those "kid's" are Hoosiers. What very talented girls they are. Congratulation to you for your bond with these girls and the city of Elwood!

I remember when a young man my children went to high school with and whose father was their PE teacher won a Gold medal in a team rowing event. He was from Oaktown, IN a small town with barely a "main street." Life is GOOD! Thanks Cathy

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