Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Urgent Need for Prayer Warriors!!!

My dear Prayer Warriors,

I know I ask for many prayer request from each of you and I know it can be burdensome at times to pray for some many; however, I feel that God would not direct the needs of others for prayers in my path if I were not to reach out and pray for them. I also feel He is calling me to ask my fellow Prayer Warriors to do the same. With that said, I would like to ask you to pray for Teena.

She is a middle-aged woman who has recently been diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer that is not operable at this time.

I receive this prayer request from my friend, Dawn. Dawn is very close to this child of God. Dawn in an email told me the following,"she is a kind and gentle spirit. She is also very private and most likely feels the worst part of her illness is that she has to put people out that want to help her."

Dawn also mentioned that Teena has bore many crosses throughout her life since childhood into her adulthood. She has spent most of her life taking care of others and this has left very little time for her to care for herself.

She has in the past 6-8 months lost her husband and her baby grandson. Dawn states that despite her losses she has a very strong faith in God.

She is currently she is receiving chemotherapy to shrink or contain her tumors.

I ask if you can, please spread the word so that other can pray for Teena as well.
Thank you so much and blessed be God Forever!!


~Joseph the Worker said...

Of course!

GrandmaK said...

Of course I will pray...

I am also here to tag you for a MEME if you have time...if not would you please tag someone of your choice and just let me know! Thanks Cathy

Tom in Vegas said...

Consider it done.

Tom in Vegas said...

Nothing wrong or peturbative about requesting prayers for someone else.

I will pray for your friend.

BTW, stop by my blog when you get a chance.

Marie said...

Thanks Kimberly for letting us know about Teena, what a precious child of God she is and her faith is an inspiration, as are YOU.

Peace & much love to you always

Marie xoxoxox BTW: I am back from my long break:)

GrandmaK said...

And of course I have another request...A prayer request has been made by Laura at Exuberance for Sr. Celeste. Please add her to your prayers. Thank you! Cathy Headlines Headline Animator