Friday, November 14, 2008

Book Review: Graced and Gifted: Biblical Wisdom for the Homemakers Heart By Kimberly Hahn

By Kimberly Hahn

Being a book reviewer for The Catholic Company, I am blessed with being able to read Catholic material that relates to my life.
My latest book review touches the core of my heart since my vocations of motherhood and marriage are my paths to the Lord.

Kimberly Hahn reminds me that my work as a Homemaker has extraordinary grace available to me through the sacraments.
I have always thought of my vocation as Holy, but never related them to the sacraments.
God calls us to be that woman. She also shows her readers how to apply the Proverbs 31 woman's wisdom, grace, and gentleness into our own lives as well care for our families.

She also discusses the importance of Prayer, Person, Partner, Parent, and Provider and how they relate to the sacraments. I was simply amazed at how she was able to connect the mundane work that I do each and every day with the sacraments. I was felt a new sense of joy when I thought of my chores and duties at home as a fulfillment of the sacraments. This really brought about a new way of thinking for me.
Kimberly states,"It's a joy to know that even though you walk your own path, you do not walk alone." So many mothers/wives feel this way. They are walking there path and no one is there to support them. However, we do have Our Lord and the sacraments to support us.
Kimberly's book encourages to respond to our Lord with, "Yes, Lord, for you I will ..." When you realize that you are working for the Lord by taking care of your family, you have a new joy put into your work.
Kimberly writes that ordinary work gives us extraordinary grace. We need to model after the Proverbs 31 woman by caring for the practical needs of our household, work with willing hands, realize our small efforts count, and to cook with the right attitude.
She encourages her readers to say to the Lord while they are cooking, "Lord, help me to bless my family with this meal."
I asked this of the Lord the first night I made a meal after reading Kimberly's words and I have to say it made me feel peaceful while cooking for my family rather than dreading preparing the meal.
Time is a gift--these minutes will never occur again writes Kimberly. She is right about this and so we must work hard to manage our time wisely to best serve the Lord and our families. Her book gives wonderful examples and ideas on how to do this.
Kimberly's book should be a gift that each young Catholic woman receives before her wedding day. It would help her set a strong foundation for her marriage, her faith life, and for her future .
I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to put Christ back as the focus of their lives and to put joy back into the task of the everyday life stuff.
This review was written as part of the The Catholic Company product review program. Visit the Catholic Company to find out more information on Kimberly Hahn's book Graced and gifted: Biblical Wisdom for the Homemakers Heart.

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