Monday, November 3, 2008

Vote Pro-Life!!

I would like to see Obama tell Blessed Mother Teresa about what his first act as President of the United States would be.
I know that she would be horrified to hear about the Freedom of Choice Act. I know she would be saddened over the fact that Obama does not have the interest of the unborn in his heart.
Blessed Mother Teresa would be praying a lot for Obama.
She knew the value of life and she knew what true social justice was.
She lived with and served the poorest of the poor and she felt that abortion was murder. She felt that every person should have a chance at time.
Perhaps Obama, you should have found people like her to advise you on your policies.
Pray for those voting tomorrow that they will see Life as precious and will see Obama's life policies unbearable to live with.
Pray also for Obama that he will have a change of heart in regards to his extreme abortion views.
Please pray a rosary for life!
Blessed be God Forever!

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Tom in Vegas said...

I don't think he would have any problems telling Mother Teresa about his support for the destruction of unborn human life. When you are a political prostitute and have sold every morsel of who you are for the sake of attaining power, prestige, and a place in history, you'll do anything without hesitation. Headlines Headline Animator