Thursday, May 22, 2008


My 10 year old son recently got guppies. Two guppies to be exact. I must admitt that I was not excited about getting the guppies. All I could see was the care they would require; cleaning the fish tank, etc. I wasn't at all on the same train of thought as my son.
However, my mind has since changed about the guppies.
I sit and watch my son take in the guppies and their graceful movements through their water world.
His eyes fill with awe and from there I can see he is touched by even the simpliest forms of God's beautiful creation.
I have now taken to watching these guppies as well and must admitt that they are rather relaxing to watch.
My son has taught me (unknowingly I am sure) that if I continue to look only at the beauty of the BIG things, such as the waterfalls I have posted on my blog, then I will miss out on the small things God has created.
Once again, God using the what seems to be the ordinary to make me see the extraordinary.
This is how it is with Opus Dei---finding God in everyday life.
I think I need to start paying attention more the ordinary or I will miss out on some great things in life.
Thanks Joseph and your two guppies for helping me see what I might have missed.
Well, I had better get back to watching the guppies and listening to my son talk about how great it is t0 have them.
Blessed be God forever!

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GrandmaK said...

Guppies and little kids could always find such joy in the little things. My husband still finds such joy in searching for 4-leaf clovers. And...much to his sisters and my chagrin finds them when we cannot...Have a grand weekend and God Bless! Cathy Headlines Headline Animator