Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Update on Melissa Hackney

Wonderful News on Melissa Hackney!
I spoke with my dear friend, Patti (Melissa's mother) tonight and she had some good news to share with me about Melissa.
Her progress is slow, but her third bone marrow did engraft so we can consider our prayers answered for that!
Blessed Be God!
She has been off the medication that put her brain at rest for about 5 days now. They will slowly wean her from the Versed that she is currently taking.
Today, (with many witnesses) Patti and Rebecca (Mel's sister) were able to arouse her enough to see her left eye follow them.
It is small progress, but what wonderful news!
Please keep your prayers coming.
I am looking forward to the day we can tell Melissa about all you wonderful people who have been praying for her.
I am also looking forward to posting pictures from the BIG party Patti and I have discussed about having once all of this is said and done.
God is an AWESOME God and He is listening to our prayers!1
Thank you my dear Prayer Warriors!!
Thank You!!
For all of you, I will say a "Hail Mary" as thanksgiving on the time you are giving up to pray for my dear friend's beautiful daughter.
God Bless!


Kathleen Miller said...

Praise God!

Irene said...

Wonderful news! Justifies the title of your blog.

And please keep us updated on Melissa's progress. She's not out of the woods yet. I have some concern about permanent brain damage, so I particularly will be looking for details like the left eye following that you mentioned.

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