Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial DAy

A Memorial Day Prayer

Nothing has changed. The wounds inflicted by improvised explosive devices are appalling. Go to Walter Reed or Bethesda and see for yourself. The troops are not complaining. They never complain, and so nobody has any right to be less committed to the eternal mission of the soldier than they are.
This Memorial Day, remember that the cemeteries and physical therapy wards are full of men and women who gave their all for you, and who in many cases ask nothing more than to be allowed to go back and do it again. Pray for them. Please.
?I have eaten your bread and salt.I have drunk your water and wine.The deaths ye died, I have watched beside,And the lives ye led were mine.
Was there aught that I did not shareOne joy or woe that I did not know,Dear hearts across the seas?
I have written the tale of our lifeFor a sheltered people?s mirth,In jesting guise?but ye are wise,And ye know what the jest is worth.?
- Rudyard Kipling
Blessed be God Forever!
Don't forget your rosary!

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