Wednesday, May 21, 2008


In the small village I live in, there is a young woman who jogs religiously each day. She jogs the same route each day-- rain or shine. From how she holds her body while running, she appears to have a physical handicap. However, she does not seem to let this get in her way despite her slow pace.

In fact, the pace has not seemed to pick up even slightly in the four years that I have observed her jogging.

One day, a friend said to me that she wonders why this young woman jogs daily when she is slow and has not made any progress at all.

I could see my friends point; however, I told her she should not be so quick to judge. We may not see the progress in this young woman, but obvioulsy this young woman could because she kept at it day to day.

Isn't that like each of us in some way? I know for me it might be praying for someone who has strayed from their faith. I might not see the progress in them, but slowly they may. I may continuously be working on my spiritual life day after day and feel I am not making any progress; however, God can see how hard I am working.

From this, I have learned not to judge. We can not fully understand what is going on inside a person nor were we meant to be able to see that. This is only for God to know, to see, and to judge.

Today, when I saw this young woman jogging I thanked God she was able to each day get out and continue what she does.

I also thanked Him for the reminder that I should always try to do my best no matter what barriers I may have and NEVER to judge because it is not my place only HIS

Blessed Be God Forever!
Don't forget to say your rosary!

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