Monday, May 12, 2008

Please continue to pray for Melissa Hackney.
Your prayers are needed!
A quick prayer like the "Hail Mary" or your own words to God will be so important to her family right now!
Thank you!
Blessed be God forever!


Tom in Vegas said...

Prayed and praying for Melissa.

Therese said...

praying everyday for Melissa.

I am glad you started a blog Kimberly. I will add you to my links and I continue praying for Melissa.

God bless

Kimberly said...

Thank you everyone for your prayers and linking my blog to yours. If you could please let me know what your blog address is so I can put you down on mine as well. Thank you! I am new at this so I am not sure how to do a lot of this. I am learning as I go. God bless and thank you!

Blessed be God forever!


Kathleen Miller said...

Our Lady Of Fatima please pray for Melissa!

God Bless,


Therese said...

My blog is

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