Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Summer is Coming!!

Summer is on its way!
As a family, we love to be on the lake. Since we live only 10 minutes from Cayuga Lake (one of the Finger Lakes), we decided to purchase wave runners last year.
As of date, we have four; two Sea-Doos and two Yamahas.
The deal was we get rid of the two Sea-Doos (they are older) and keep the Yamamhas (one was new last year and the other is used, but newer).
We are excited to get the wave riding season going.

What do you and your family do during the summer that all of enjoy?


Marie said...

Sorry about the delay Kimberly:) But your blog has been added to my blog. Thanks for that:).

Peace & JOY to you:)

Marie xoxxoox

Kimberly said...

Thanks for adding me! I have added you as well!

Blessed be God forever!


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