Thursday, May 15, 2008

Picutred above is Angie and her beautiful family. Right to left: her husband, Dean; daughter, Sophia; Angie; son, Max, and front and center, her daughter Bella.
What a beautiful family!
Update on Angie and Mrs. P

Thank you to all whom have inquired about my friend, Angie and Mrs.P.
I heard from Angie today; both she and Mrs. P are recovering well. Mrs. P's creatinine and hemoglobine are totally normaly after only one week per Angie. This is wonderful news!
Again, Anige what an awesome thing you did for Mrs. P.
Once again, you are showing others how wonderful of a person you are and your example of helping others is extraordinary.
I ask all of you to continue to pray for Angie's and Mrs. P's recovery.
Please don't forget prayers for Melissa Hackney and little Ella as well.

Have you visited your Mother today? Don't forget to talk with her today---in other words, say your rosary and talk with the Blessed Mother!!

Blessed Be God Forever!

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