Friday, October 31, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request

Urgent Prayer Request!!!
A friend of mine (who is a devout Catholic) confided in me that her 17 year old daughter has strayed from her faith and has become sexually active with her boyfriend.
She has become pregnant and my friend thinks she is planning on sneaking out of state to have an abortion.
Believe it or not, in NY you have to be 18 to have an abortion without parental consent.
If the election outcome is not a pro-life outcome, this young child would be able to have an abortion without her parents consenting.
However, we are doing interventions with this young child and also calling in the reinforcements with a few women who have had abortions themselves and a few priests from other areas who are heavily involved in the Right to Life Culture.
Could you pleas say a pray for this family?
My friend is a recovering alcoholic and fell off the wagon yesterday. She is very fragile and I am supporting her in anyway that I can.
I have told her that she needs to turn this all over to God, which she normally does.
However, the thought of her daughter having an abortion is so heavy on her right now.
I know I can count on my prayer warriors!
I also pray for my husband and I. We have decided to become even further invovled with our pro-life views and the pro-life movement.
We asked God to send us a sign that this is what we were suppose to be doing and the very next day--my friend calls with this.
Amazing how the Lord works!
Pray we can do His work and follow His Will!
Blessed be God Forever!


GrandmaK said...

In my prayers! Cathy

~Joseph the Worker said...

Absolutely, prayers for all of them!

Kathleen Miller said...


It would be awesome if we could save this baby from death.

Can you give her a Miraculous Medal?

I'll be praying too.

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