Thursday, October 16, 2008


A Vote for Obama is a Vote for Dead Children!!

I just saw this sign on another blog and it pretty much sums it all up; I doubt there is anything I can say that makes it more clear unless you want to add that a vote for Obama is a vote for minors being allowed to have abortions without parental consent when they still need a parent to go to doctors appointments with them or a note from a parent saying why they were absent from school or to go on a field trip. Give me a huge break! When did Obama become an expert on what is good for American children?

Wake up America!

Abortion is Murder and Murder is against the law.

Why do we let this happen in our country?

Blessed be God Forever!


Marie said...

I am afraid that most Americans are focussing on their money and NOT Morals.

I PRAY that when they are in the ballot box the life of the unborn will remind them to VOTE Pro-Life.

Peace, JOY & Love to you Kimberly:)

Marie xooxoxox

Kathleen Miller said...


I have to agree with Marie. I read somewhere on a blog that said people are so worried about the economy and their money yet they idle their SUV's at Starbucks for their daily Latte's.

Now there is nothing wrong with a good cup of coffee! However, there is so much double talk going on in America.

Like those that say I'm not for Abortion, I'm just Pro-choice. Well wake up and realize that Abortion is murder, choice is murder and a vote for Obama is the same as voting to kill babies.

A great post!

Tom in Vegas said...

I think if he becomes president, he will spearhead the culture of death in this country, and encouraging other nations to follow suit. Headlines Headline Animator