Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Pro-Lifesite with the facts you cannot ignore!

Just wanted to share with you this new site I found, Second Look Project. Just follow the link to this site. It has all the facts you need to know about abortion. It shows statics. It is a must read for those who doubt the pro-life stance and a must read for pro-lifers to share some statics and facts.
Blessed Be God Forever!


Tom in Vegas said...

Unbelievable numbers. How shameful.

Marie said...

This is really sickening what I read in todays CathNews but felt I had to share it. We need to END abortion it is a CRIME.

Read the link with care.

"Blender" used on aborted babies

I am sure Obama will approve of this method of disposing of our dear little babies:(. I PRAY the King of Spain will show some courage and STOP it!

Peace and love to you Kimberly:)

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