Tuesday, October 14, 2008

MIchelle's Own Words

"They know his heart, they know his spirit, and the thing that I just encourage people is to judge Barack and judge all of these candidates based on what they do, their actions, their character, what they do in their lives rather than what somebody [else] did when they were 8."

-----Michelle Obama speaking with Larry King during an interview

Michelle's words are very touching (honestly) and when I heard them on the interview and then reread them, I know she believes them with all her heart. However, I just wonder what type of heart a person and what type of spirit a person must have to want to so willingly sign the Freedom of Choice Act that would enable babies to continue to be murdered with less restriction, minors 13 or older can have abortion without parental consent, and babies born alive after a botched abortion do not have the protection of medical attention.

It saddens me to think that a person could think so little of life , especially a person that is running for president.

I pray for Obama that he will have a change of heart. Life is precious, life is good, and Life is a gift from God.

Blessed be God Forever!


Remember your Rosary!


Anonymous said...

Here are a couple of important articles I found for people who are Pro-life Barrack supporters. Please share!



Terrilynn said...

Amen sister, I'll be praying that too.
love you,

Kathleen Miller said...


In a general sense it is hard not to admire Michelle for her vocation of Wife, Mother, and career as an attorney.

However, when you look at the ideology, politics, strange connections,and horrendous views and policies on the the Unborn of the Obamas it just sickens my stomach.

He and his wife need many, many, many prayers for their conversion. And I would also say that any Catholics that are planning to vote for Obama need many prayers for their conversion as well.

God Bless!

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