Saturday, October 11, 2008


Economy is temporary, Life is Eternal.

God is in charge.

What this economic meltdown should teach us is that our hope is not in the things of this earth, but in God.

--Dr. Alveda King

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayers and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests know to God.

Phil. 4:6

Please pray your rosary today for there are so many things that need our prayers!!

Blessed be God forever!!


Lola said...

Amen Sister!

Terrilynn said...

Things have been hectic for us...prayer is all that gets me through some days! I thank God every day that he lead me in the direction of matter what I will be able to supply my family with what it needs. We love and miss you all, Terri

PS your blog is terrific!!

Marie said...

oh Kimberly I have tuned out from the economy it is driving me if I am not half way there already;) lol.

So I did a piece on Australia's Princess(bet you didn't know we had one?) Well she is Crown Princess of Denmark:).

Peace and much love to you:)

Marie and AMEN GOD above ALL. xoxoxoox

Anonymous said...

That born alive video is incredible. Do you make it? If so, do mind if I put it on my site?


Kimberly said...

I did not make the video. I got it from Use it on your site, we need to spread the word.

Blessed be God forever!

Kathleen Miller said...


Amen to that.

This has been a very difficult week or so for Mike, who as you know works in the Financial sector. He is a good man trying to do the best for his clients. It has been a rough ride. His faith in God is truly helping him get through it all.

This weekend it looked like his very own company would go under. Luckily, a deal is in place from an outside source to insure its long term solvency.

These words of wisdom you have posted ring very true. We must remember them daily because things are going to get alot worse before they get better.

Kimberly said...

Mike is in our prayers. I have been thinking of him with all this going on in the financial world. It really helps you start to realize that you have to get back to the basics-- food, shelter, clothing, being together as a family, and most of all, focusing our stress and needs on the Lord to handle. We also need to focus on helping those out who need it. I think all that going on in Wall Street is awful, but perhaps this is a awake up call.

I know your family has always been focused on what is important. You have always been a great example of loving your neighbor and relying on our Lord.

Hugs to the girls and I miss you!
Love and prayers,
Blessed be God Forever!
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