Friday, October 17, 2008

Campbell Brown and how the politicians should spent there money! Worth the read!!

By Campbell Brown CNN

Editor's note: Campbell Brown anchors CNN's "Campbell Brown: Election Center" at 8 p.m. ET Mondays through Fridays. She delivered this commentary during the "Cutting through the Bull" segment of Thursday night's broadcast.

CNN's Campbell Brown says the candidates should spend their campaign money helping the homeless. (would it not speak volumes about the character of a person that stopped unfunding their political adds and started feeding the poor and homeless???? Think about it.)

NEW YORK (CNN) -- In the middle of an economic crisis, with a lot of Americans worried to death about how they are going to pay their bills, our two presidential candidates are about to spend an astonishing amount of money kicking the "you know what" out of each other on national television.
This year they are breaking all records in terms of the amount of money spent and the number of negative ads. (yes, spending money where it is needed most-- with the poor--is the best way to run a campgain, I think).
A study by the Wisconsin Advertising Project at the University of Wisconsin at Madison says the campaigns will spend a combined $30 million dollars a week on ads between now and Election Day, the vast majority, negative.

According to Wednesday's Wall Street Journal, negative ads are having almost no impact this election cycle. The journal's headline: Ready, Aim, Backfire: Nasty Political Ads Fall Flat.

Why? According to one quote, "Arguing about personal associations pales in comparison to the current grim economic news."

Still between now and Election Day, Obama and McCain are going to spend a combined $30 million dollars a week.

So I'm going to throw a crazy idea on the table that I don't think is that crazy. There is a food bank in Provo, Utah, that feeds the homeless. Joalaina Redbird takes her three small children there. They have all three meals there everyday. They became homeless two months ago when her husband lost his construction job. This food bank is running low on supplies; they have issued an emergency call for help. Because of our economic crisis, donations are way down and the number of people they are feeding is way up.

This story is being repeated all over the country. The Northlands Rescue Mission, a homeless shelter in Grand Forks, North Dakota, is bursting at the seams every night with record numbers of homeless showing up needing a place to sleep, again, a result of our economic troubles. And guess what -- these charities are out of money. No one is giving in these tough times.

So, Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain, how about instead of spending that $30 million a week kicking the "you know what" out of each other between now and Election Day, you pool your money and you give it to that food bank in Provo, Utah, so Joalaina Redbird's kids can get three square meals a day until her husband finds another job.

Give the money to that homeless shelter in Grand Forks or any of the hundreds of charities around this country that are trying to help desperate people get through these difficult times.

If you really care about hurting Americans, put your money where your mouth is and spare us three more weeks of negative ads.

I don't think I need to add anymore than what has already said besides, "Vote for Life and Help those who need help. Follow in the footsteps of Christ and love your neighbor."

Blessed Be God forever!!


Rosary for Life--don't forget to pray it!!!


Marie said...

Well our PM is considering levying a 50% tax on all CEO's who earn over a million dollars a year I am FOR that!

Now I am for John McCain but let's be frank why do they need 7-8 houses? People can barely afford one. Maybe it's time ALL politicians took a pay CUT during this time of financial strain..will they do it? Ofcourse not. They instead will raise YOUR taxes.

I pray that Americans will VOTE for McCain/Palin and hopefully oneday America will oneday have it's first woman President who is absolutely PRO-LIFE! AMEN!

Sorry for the rant Kimberly hon, but I am tired of these CEO's getting away with stealing actually and to think they JAILED Martha Stewart..While these rich CEO's go to England to shoot partridges!

Peace to you hon:)

Marie xoxoxoox

Kimberly said...

You are so right about McCain. He does not need 7-8 houses. It is sinful. You are so right about the politicians taking a pay cut as well. I would have a lot of respect for a someone who can put there money where there mouth is. You want to do something about poverty, get rid of some of your houses and help the poor. You want to push a pro-life agenda? Then stand outside an abortion clinic with the 40 days for life volunteers and pray. You want to help with health care, visit the hospitals, clinics, etc. and talk with those who are struggling. You want to know what is important to Americans, go outside your little circle and ask them.

I love your rants and you always make me think. McCain is not the best example we need for our country, but he will not further the "Culture of Death" movement in this country.

Love to you and my prayers,

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