Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Maria Rose!!!

Happy 4th Birthday to my Maria Rose!!

It seems like only yesterday my little one came into the world 9 weeks early and with only a 20% chance of making it.

She is a miracle and the product of the power of pray!

Today, not only do I pray in thanksgiving for her birhtday, but I pray for all of you who prayed for her 4 years ago today!

She is named after the Blessed Mother and St. Rose of Lima. I only knew she would be a girl about an hour before she was taken by emergency c-section.

We did not have any names picked out and so when they told me she was a girl it came to me that she should be Maria Rose. since I prayed to the Blessed Mother continously during those hours of uncertainty.

Rose is a family name from my husband's side (we saw it on a grave stone at the Catholic Cemetry in the town we grew up in) and since I also like St. Rose, so her name fit our criteria of a family name and saint name put together.

My sister-in-law, Margaret (also MR's godmother) asked if we were going to call her Maria or Maria Rose. I asked her what she thought and she said Maria Rose. We went with that decision and so thankful for Aunt Margaret's suggestion. It fits her perfect! However, our little Lucy calls her big sister Rose.
Blessed be God forever!
Today, could you pray for all those little sick babies in the NICU's across the world and for all the doctors, nurses, etc., ect. who work so hard to help them.
Thank you!

Our God is an Awesome God!


Kathleen Miller said...

Maria Rose.

Happy Birthday! You are so precious and beautiful, just like your mommy!

I hardly recognize you. You have grown so much these past few years.

I bet you are an awesome big sister to Lucy. She is so lucky to have you to look up to...

God Bless you and Have a great day!

Love The Miller Family

Tom in Vegas said...

Beautiful little girl!! Happy birthday and many blessings:0)

Therese said...

happy birthday Maria Rose. What a beautiful name you have. Headlines Headline Animator