Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Update on Melissa Hackney

Melissa is making slow, but steady progress.
The team of doctors are considering moving her from the ICU to the step down unit or back to the bone marrow unit.
This is such exciting news!
The neurologists was able to get her to smile.
Her sister, Rebecca was able to get her to nod her head on which nail color she wanted Rebecca to use on her finger nails.
She continues to move her fingers and toes as well as her head.
Melissa is being set up in a chair for 2 hours per day and on Sunday, she was able to be put in the chair and taken outside to feel God's beautiful presence in the sunshine.
What a wonderful day for Melissa and her family!!
She is no longer on dialysis!!
Her recovery will be slow and her family has realized that she will probably not be home before summer is over.
She will have to be in rehab, which will extensive and long.
Your prayers have been the stronghold for her and her family.
I cannot thank all of you enough for your prayers and your continued praying for this beautiful person!!
Her mother, Patti thanks you as well.
Continue praying and I will continue to keep you updated!!
Blessed be God forever!!
Thanks be to God!!!
Don't forget your rosary today!!

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