Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Someone just said to me,"There are so many prayer requests on your blog; how do you expect me to keep up with them? You need to be more selective on what you are asking others to pray for!"
This came from a person I consider to be a good follower of God; however, I strongly disagree with them that I need to be more selective on what I ask others to pray for. There is nothing like the power of pray. If there was, then our Lord would not have taught us how to pray with the Our Father.
If you feel like you are getting over loaded with prayers, keep a small notebook with each persons name and reason wrote in it. This makes it easy to go through your list at night or offer up parts of your day for a particular person. You can also offer up short prayers such as "blessed be God forever," "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,"I love you Jesus," "hear me oh, Lord," and many many more.
Don't stop praying because you feel overwhelmed with the amount of prayers you have been asked for from others. Even something as simple as "Dear Lord, I now offer up this prayer for all those I have promised to pray for. Please hear their prayers and my petition to you to answer them according to your Will." This can be said on a day when you are so busy that you feel you just can't fit in any other praying time.
However, as wise priest once said (I think it was Fr. Larry) that everyone needs a half hour of prayer a day except when you are busy, then you need an hour.
Have trouble praying? Start out with 5 minutes each day in a quiet spot. After a week or so, increase it to 10 minutes. You get the idea from there. You will find that it will be hard to stop praying even after 30 minutes. Just talk to God as if you were talking to your best friend or sister/brother. God is a much better listener. However, take some time for silence and let God talk to you. You will be amazed what type of messages He will leave in your heart.
For those of you who are Catholic, go to church and sit in front of the Blessed Tabernacle. Talk to Jesus. Let Him here what is in your heart. Let Him share in your concerns, griefs, worries, joys, sorrows, and share with Him your prayer requests. He is there sitting in the Church waiting for you to come to Him.
Pray and Pray and Pray and Pray!!
God is not selective on what prayers He will here and not here. Therefore, I will NEVER be selective on who I bring to you for prayers. I also ask that those of you who read this blog bring your prayer requests to me so that we can storm heaven with prayers.
God Bless and Have a great night!
Blessed Be God Forever!
Catholics: don't forget your rosary!!
Our God is an Awesome God!!

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Terrilynn said...

I want you to know how much I agree with you!! I've started a Prayer Focus in our house. Its just a little list I posted next to the bathroom mirror so the family could 'focus' on our prayers together. I also have a little book I keep for special people and things to pray for throughout the day and Katie has a list too...she concentrates on the little ones I tell her about that I meet at the hospital. She is a young woman after God's heart!! I would like to ask if you would pray for her Orphanage Fund. Every spare cent we have gets put in the bucket and prayed over at night so Katie can realize her dream of providing for the babies that need love and care. We love you and count you as a special blessing every day!
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