Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This just in on Melissa Hackney!!!!!!!!!!

Just received a text message from Patti, Melissa's mom and she has informed me that after 8 weeks and one day in ICU, Melissa has been transferred back to the bone marrow unit!!

Blessed be God forever!!

I hope each of you can see the power of prayer working here with this beautiful young woman!!

Thank you for all your prayers!!

Blessed Be God Forever!!


Terrilynn said...

Praise God! Kate and I read this together and are rejoicing!!

Irene said...

Thanx for both updates. A great weight has been lifted (though there are others).

Keep on praying.

GrandmaK said...

Indeed, blessed be God forever. And I do see the healing hand of God in our midst!! Thank you and continuing to pray! Cathy

Therese said...

What wonderful news Kimberly. Thanks for keeping us all updated on what is happening with Melissa. Headlines Headline Animator