Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More info. on Melissa----

Just had a really great conversation with Melissa's mom, Patti tonight and wanted to update you on Melissa.
You might have noticed the water clip art on this post.
I put this there due to the fact that the first thing Melissa said to her mom, well she mouthed to her mom was that she was thirsty.
Patti was so excited to here those words from her.
I can visualize Patti dancing around the room saying,"She's thirsty, she's thirsty." I can also see Melissa looking at her mom like she is crazy. In fact, Patti said when she acted like that she would ask Melissa if she thought she was crazy and she would roll hers while shaking her head yes!!
Melissa has also mouthed (for those of you who don't know she has a trachea) I want a drink, I want soda, I want to get up.
Patti said that today was the best day she has had in 2 1/2 months.
She also asked her mom why she could not talk. Patti got out a mirror to show Melissa the trachea.
Patti always would say to her kids,"I love you all the way to the moon and back." You all know the wonderful book Guess How Much I Love You. Well, Melissa would say to her mom,"I love you to Pluto." Today, Patti told Melissa she loved her to the moon and back. Melissa mouthed,"Pluto."
I am sure Patti's eyes filled with tears on that one.
Your prayers are working!
Thank you my dear prayer warriors!
Please continue to pray for her as she will need our prayers to get her out of ICU and back to bone marrow and then on to rehab.
Blessed be God Forever!
Don't ever forget the power of prayer!
Oh, her last EEG came wonderful!
Love to all my prayer warrior and blogging buddies!

Melissa is not able to have water to drink as of this time; however, they were pleased to know she is feeling her thirst mechanism. It means her brain is working. She is also feeling the urge to go to the bathroom, but she has a foley catheter in place.

She sucks on swabs right now that have been soaked in water.

When Patti told me this, I thought of our Lord up on the cross and how He was handed a soaked sponge to sip from.

We do carry our crosses like our Lord, just in different ways! It is how we handle our cross that makes the difference. Our Lord was the ultimate great example!


Kathleen Miller said...

This is awesome news!

Terrilynn said...

Thanks for the update, I'll let katie know that even though her 'constant contact with God' bible study is completed we still need to continue praying daily for those on her prayer list. Praise God for our thirst...may it never be quenched!!
God Bless,

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post! And I love that song. I could feel the hope emanating from it all.

Marie said...

This is wonderful news! But I dropped by to give you a....

(((((((((Kimberly))))))) HUG!

Peace, JOY & Love to you

Marie xooxoxo

Anonymous said...

That is so great to hear! For clarification - she no longer has cancer and the BMT worked??

Anonymous said...

That is fabulous! I am so happy to hear this! So, for clarification - she has beaten the cancer, no longer has it correct? i will continue to pray!!

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