Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Update on Melissa Hackney

Without God, how could we hope at all?
My dear prayer warriors,
Melissa has returned to ICU as of last night.
Her O2 Sats had been dropping and since there are only a few nurses on the bone marrow unit trained to work with critical care patients, the doctors felt it was better for Melissa to be back on the ICU.
We are hoping this is only temporary.
They believe she may have a mucus plug in her lungs (the mucus plug would most likely be blocking her airways so that the alveoli would not be able to expand as they are suppose to--in layman terms) or the reoccurence of the CMV (Cytomegalovirus).
She had a bronchialscope yesterday and they still awaiting the results. Melissa's mother (Patti) will keep me updated on what she finds out.
I will then keep all of you informed as I find out as well.
I ask for continued prayers and for all my Catholic prayer warriors, please offer up a "Hail Mary" and even your daily Masses for her.
She needs us and we cannot let her down!
Blessed be God Forever!


Irene said...

A mucous plug is one thing, but with her compromised immune system, cytomegalovirus would be serious.

I am most interested in her responsiveness -- what is she able to DO? I realize that you and Melissa's mother both are lay people, but this is the long-term question.

Please, please keep us updated as frequently as possible.

The prayers go without saying.

Kimberly said...

Thank you for your prayers. I am a register nurse and so when I am writing this out I try to put it in lay terms so that others understand. CMV is a threat to a compromised immunce system indeed; however, they have been treating her for this and feel it will resolve.

God Bless!
Melissa is able to smile, move her head back and forth, move her fingers and toes, tries to talk (not able to due to the trachea at this time), and close her eye lids to mean yes when asked yes or no questions. She also is alert a lot during the day.

I will keep you updated as I am made aware of the situation. Take care and I hope all is well.

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