Saturday, July 12, 2008

#3 Update on Melissa Hackney

Just spoke with Jerry, Melissa's step dad, he says that from the scope Melissa had they found atypical cells in her lungs. They do not know if this is the pneumonia or recurrence of the lymphoma. The only way to be certain is to do a lung biopsy and at this time, Melissa is not strong enough to have that done.
It is a wait and see type situation as of now. Jerry said they are hoping to get her stronger and then do the biopsy.
They do have her heavily sedated to help with comfort and to help ease her breathing with the vent.
As always, please pray!
Thank you and God bless!
Blessed be God forever!
If you haven't sent a note or card out to Melissa, now would be a wonderful time to do so. She needs to know that we are praying for her and her family needs to see that they have support from all over the world.
Thank you!


Tom in Vegas said...

Praying indeed for Melissa.

I'm trying to find her the biggest card I can get my hands on.

Please keep us up-to-date. God bless!

Irene said...

How discouraging. It seems that no matter which way the doctors turn, no matter what heroic procedure they do, something else comes up.

Clearly, this is in God's hands. No matter what the outcome, Melissa will be OK... somewhere.

So -- continued prayers. For Melissa's healing (in whatever form it takes), yes, but also for healing of her family and everyone who knows her.

Tom in Vegas said...


I got Melissa's card today and tomorrow I'm going by the post office to have it shipped.

I got the biggest one I could find.

I'm going to assume that the address you posted is still valid to send Melissa the card. If not please let me know. Thanks!

Many blessings to you and the family:0)

Ginny Nielens said...



Cath;y Rivas said...

Hi, Kim, I am sorry to hear about Melissa. I said the prays for her, and I thought she would make it. Now, she is one of God's angel. Pray for my mom, Aunt Frankie, she always has pain in her leg, and is trying to lose weight. I sent your blog to her, so she could read it, and see the pictures. Cathy Headlines Headline Animator