Friday, July 18, 2008

Melissa's struggle will be coming to an end.

It is with a heavy and sad heart that I must inform all of you prayer warriors that Melissa will be ending her struggle soon.
Although my heart is broken at the thought of her leaving this earth, my heart is also rejoicing that she will be joining our Lord in heaven.
Melissa will be taken off her ventilator tomorrow at noon (Eastern Standard Time). She has fought long and hard, but her lungs are not able to overcome all that they have been through. Her oxygen levels have dipped into the 40%'s per her step father, Jerry. This is while on the vent.
The situation is sad and my heart is broken for my dear friend, Patti. Words cannot express how I feel and how helpless I feel.
However, tomorrow at noon I will rejoice that her suffering is over and that she will be home with her grandma (Patti's mom) and Our Lord.
Please say the "Angelus" for her tomorrow at noon.
After she is taken off the vent, it will only be a matter of minutes for her to return to Our Lord and leave this earth.
Keep her family in your prayers.
Her family members are:
Patti (mother)
Jerry (Step father)
Mark (father)
Laura (step Mother)
Rebecca (sister)
Ben (brother)
I will keep you posted and let you know about the arrangements.
I spoke with Jerry and a priest was able to be there today. I also contacted our friend, Fr. Laird as well.
Please pray for this family!
Blessed be God forever!
Thank you for your prayers my fellow prayer warriors.


Tom in Vegas said...

This is terrible, terrible news. To beat cancer and succum to the affects of it. So unfair.

Is there any hope for a chance?

Therese said...

Kimberly. I am so sorry to hear this news. I will be praying for Melissa and all her family as they grieve her death.

God bless

Kathleen Miller said...


I am sorry to hear that Melissa's family and friends will be losing a wonderful person who fought a good, hard, long fight for life.

The Lord obviously needs her soul in heaven and will be a powerful intercessor for all of her family and friends or all who call on her.

I will add her along to Do-Ling and some favorite saints to call upon for help in this temporal life.

I have never met Melissa but I feel sad and that I am saying goodbye to a good friend.
I will be praying.

God Bless,


GrandmaK said...

If there was anything I could do to make this less painful for you and Melissa's family, I would be there in a heartbeat! God is Good, all the time and in his goodness he has gifted you all with the treasure of Melissa's love and compassion as well as eliciting the love, compassion and prayers of all who have never met her, and love her as well. God Bless you and her family in the time of sorrow and know that my prayers are with you all!!! Cathy

Angie said...

We will be praying for Melissa and her family. Angie Headlines Headline Animator