Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Joseph: Why are we here on earth? Why did God put us here?
Me: To know Him, To love Him, and To serve Him.
Joseph: I try to do these things, but I am not always good at it.
Me: I try to do these things as well and I am not always good at them either.
Joseph: Really?
Me: Really!
Joseph: Wow!! I thought you did everything right for God.
Me: Thank you for thinking that. I feel honored that you see me this way, but I don't do everything right for God. I probably do more wrong than I do right. I always mention to God at night to forgive me "For what I have done and what I have failed to do."
Joseph: Do you think God listens to that?
Me: Of course He does! He is full of much mercy that I feel reassured that as long as I keep trying each day to know Him, love Him, and serve Him that He will over look my shortcomings.
Joseph: What are shortcomings?
Me: The things that make me not so perfect or the things that keep me from always doing things the way God wants me to.
Joseph: What did you do today that was a shortcoming?
Me: I was impatient with your sister when she would not cooperate with me at bath time and I felt sorry for myself that I have had little sleep and was tired.
Joseph: Good thing God is full of mercy or you might be in trouble!!!
Indeed Joseph, good thing God is full of Mercy or I would have lost His favor a long time ago.
I forgot to mention to him before he went to sleep that I pray for him and his siblings each night and each morning that God engulf them with His mercy.
I know I need His mercy continuously so praying for my children to receive it seems like only the natural thing to do.
My husband and I set down a long, long, long time ago and wrote out our goals in life.
Our number one goal was to get our family to heaven.
Each day, I pray that we can continue to come closer to this goal as a family.
My sweet Joseph, God is full of mercy, love, and compassion.
For this reason alone, we must show others mercy, love, and compassion.
If, as a family, we continue to work towards this goal of getting all of us to heaven and God keeps supplying us with His MERCY, we should be able to show that a family that prays together does stay together!
I should probably mention that a family that shows mercy, love, and compassion to each other is also a family that lives more peacefully with each other as well.
Blessed Be God Forever!!


Heather said...

Hi there!

Thanks for dropping by, I am so thankful to God that you did. Your blog is amazing!

I wish my husband was more religious, but he's "agnostic", and I pray daily for his conversion. Our son is baptised Catholic and I'm raising him in the faith, and hubby does like to take us to Church when I ask him to do so on Sundays... so I pray he someday becomes Catholic.

God bless,

Terrilynn said...

Reminds me of the time cameron and travis said that I wouldn't say something bad because I was to Holy...most of the time I feel very holey!!
I have every confidence that you, Pat and the kids will enjoy life everlasting with Jesus.
Love you much,

Kimberly said...

I will pray for your husband as well. God bless you for taking the your sons faith into your own hands and teaching him the ways of the faith. You are a wonderful mother and a special person. I love all your blogs. When do you ever have time?

Take care and Blessed be God forever,

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