Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Melissa's Funeral Mass

Melissa's Funeral Mass was absolutely beautiful this morning.
The Church was filled with sunflowers and many, many people (young and old) who loved Melissa.
My sons, Thomas & Joseph, served the Mass while I was asked to read the Second Reading.
I have been contemplating returning to being a lecture and perhaps this was God's way of saying it was time.
I am now on my way to the luncheon.
Blessed be God Forever and ever!


Anonymous said...

The mass was very nice and it was beautiful and all the people that loved her were there... she's missed dearly.

Therese said...

continued prayers for Melissa's family.

Kathleen Miller said...


Thank you for sharing with us. The Church can always good lectors like you!!!
God Bless,


Marie said...

I think many hearts have been touched by Melissa. Even though some could not attend this lovely girl's funeral our hearts were there:).

Thankyou Kimberly for your thoughtfulness.

Peace & Love to you:)

Marie xooxoxox

Tom in Vegas said...

I'm glad her funeral went well.

Still, it must be difficult for those who loved Melissa to see her go. I will continue to pray for her family. Headlines Headline Animator