Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Please keep my Aunt Frankie in your prayers!

Cast Your Burdens on the Lord
Cast your burden on the Lord, Only lean upon his Word; You will soon have cause to bless His eternal faithfulness. He sustains you by his hand, He enables you to stand; Those who Jesus once has loved From his grace are never moved.
Hymn by Anon
Please keep my Aunt Frankie in your prayers. She has arthritis in her knee which causes her great pain. Living with chronic pain can cause a disruption in one's life and limit them on what they can and cannot do.
I pray that Aunt Frankie will "cast her burden" of pain to the Lord and trust that He will help her as she bears her cross.
Thank you to my cousin, Cathy for bringing me this prayer request.
Blessed be God forever!!!!!!

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GrandmaK said...

My prayers for Aunt Frankie and all who suffer from chronic illness. May they find comfort in the arms of our Savior. Cathy Headlines Headline Animator