Saturday, July 19, 2008

May the Glory of God be yours Melissa!

Melissa was received into the Communion of Saints last night before midnight.
I will post more details later as I am made aware of them.
Please pray for her family and give God thanks for ending her suffering. Thank God also for the life of Melissa Hackney and how she brought so many of us together through her need of prayer.
Thank you on behalf of her family and myself for all your prayers, thoughts, and kind words.
God is an awesome God and He should be thanked greatly for all the gifts of life He gives us no matter how long or short those lives are.
Blessed be God Forever!


Therese said...

I am so sorry to read this news Kim. Thanks for keeping us updated on her. I will add Melissa's family to my prayer intentions.

God bless

Terrilynn said...

Kim, I'm sorry to hear that Melissa has past, but I'm happy to know she's in the arms of our Father. My prayers now will be that her family will be blessed with the peace of knowing she's in heaven waiting for them.
Please send my love to them,
Terri and Kate

~Joseph the Worker said...

I'll pray for her and her family, I can't imagine how tough it is on them at the moment. But, we have to give God the Glory and realize this was probably the best thing for her.

Irene said...

Our prayers at 4 pm mass will be for her.

Esther said...

May Melissa rest in peace. Her family is our prayers.

GrandmaK said...

My sincerest sympathy for all who will be missing this cherished life. May God in all his tenderness bless her family. Praise God that she will now glory in his radiant presence! My condolences to you as well. God bless!! Cathy Headlines Headline Animator