Thursday, July 17, 2008


Please say a "Hail Mary " for Melissa Hackney tonight.
Just spoke with Jerry, her step father, he has informed me that Melissa is maxed out on the vent. and the medication they put through the vent and her oxygen levels are still at 59%.
Her lungs are basically beat up.
She has beat the cancer, but due to the infection she caught her lungs are weak. They cannot turn the vent. up any more or they could blow a hole in her lung.
Patti and Melissa's father must now make the pain decision on whether to make Melissa a DNR.
Please pray that they will seek God's guidance.
They have called in a Pallative Care Nurse for a consult tomorrow.
Pray that if it is God's Will for Melissa to return to Him that He no longer let her suffer and welcome her home with open arms.
If it is His Will for her to keep fighting, then pray that he help her continue to fight.
Thank you and blessed be God Forever and ever! Amen. Headlines Headline Animator